Malossi Big Bore Kit Vertical ZUMA 89-01

Straight out of Malossi's Italian workshop. The malossi cast kit is a tried and true reliable sport kit, that will last a long time, and provide that low end grunt your looking for. 

The kit includes:
- Cast Iron Cylinder, d=47mm, with 6 transfer ports and oval exhaust port
- Two-Ring Piston, 10mm pin
- High-Compression Cylinder Head, aluminium
- Gasket Set for mounting

Originally developed for endurance racing and everyday road use, this kit is known for its excellent workmanship and reliability. With plenty of torque and excellent acceleration, it can reach 7hp, provided it is combined with the right components (17.5mm carburetor and street-legal sports exhaust).

Don't forget some ProCure to avoid any leaks.
Don't forget to grab an EXHAUST STUD KIT

Replacement Gasket kit HERE