Polini Corsa for Honda Elite '94+ and Dio

Time to step it up a notch with polini’s FACTORY ported 72cc cylinder kit. It's a step up from the polini contessa kit. Be prepared to ride wheelies and pick up some serious speed. Polini has achieved perfection with this kit.  There is a reason all the guys use this kit, proven performance. Its common to see speeds over 70mph, when paired with a pipe, carb and gears. This is hands down the best 72cc kit on the market. I have hit over 12,650 rpm with this kit, paired with the yasuni pipe. The corsa is known to go forever, and takes a beating. 

Don't forget some ProCure to avoid any leaks.

Check our our dyno video using this cylinder! The corsa is hands down the strongest/most robust cyl on the market for the elite/dio