Genuine Buddy 70cc "Sport" Package

We've taken the time to put together a QUALITY well rounded tuning kit for your buddy 50! This is compiled 100% of quality parts. No flim flam Alibaba stuff over here. Yasuni crafted in spain, Malossi cylinder kit in Italty, and the list goes on. This is a 50+mph setup! Super reliable, quiet, and quick. This system retains STOCK oil injection kit as well! Bonus. Recommend using high-end injection oil such as RedLine Racing 2t available HERE

Our 70cc Sport package includes the following:

Malossi 70cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit

Yasuni C16 Racing Exhaust System 

Upgraded Gates Belt

Prima main jet kit

Sport Contra spring

Dr. Pulley Sliders 

Malossi clutch spring kit for stock clutch

NGK Spark plug


Check out our youtube video to view this package vs a 100% stock buddy!