GY6 PTFE Coated Intake

NCY intake manifolds offer a smooth bore and larger inlet diameter over stock. Combined, these two assets allow more air and more fuel into your cylinder, giving you more power. Intake manifold upgrades are a must for larger carburetors. It doesn't make sense to install a large carburetor only to have its flow restricted by the manifold. Larger manifolds can make a noticeable power increase on their own, and provide a choice option over the standard rubber manifolds. Long lasting parts, and more power. Its win-win.


Cast aluminum intake manifold with PTFE coating 
Two Vacuum fittings
O-Ring Base


Engine-side Bore: 26.5mm 
Carb-side Bore: 30mm 
Runner Length: 100mm

When installing a larger carburetor and/or intake manifold, please verify the engine side diameter of the carburetor for proper fitment into the manifold. We also offer intake boots in different sizes.