Honda ADV 150 75mph kit

Looking to get DRASTICALLY better acceleration? This combo will do the trick! Benefit from HUGE proven power gains, along with 50% better acceleration. With this package you will expect 75mph. We also have videos on how to install all these items! This is the minimum required to get you to 75. We will be offering an injector, exhaust and fuel line, you can add to this kit in the near future to get to 80mph. ALL our items are tested in house, on the dyno and street before we offer it to the public. 


S23 CNC Variator

S23 drive face

S23 rollers

Yuminashi Camshaft 

NCY Performance Clutch 

SSP-G Performance 12 spoke clutch bell 


shortly we will be offering add ons to this kit to get you closer to 90mph :)