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Honda elite/dio Engine build package

Here is a GREAT setup we've taken the time to put together. This is a package put together for the person looking for a reliable, simple, quiet bike. This will be able to retain stock oil injection, stock oem airbox, clutch carb and crank. The NCY cylinder will boost your cc from 49 to 82, and comes with all the goodies to make it run right. We have selected ALL name brand components, such as NCY, NARAKU, and YMS.  This is the basic starter kit for someone looking to get into modifying their bike, without going too crazy. We offer this package with or without the gear upgrade. Remember, we not only offer great parts, but we also back our parts with our customer support. This is the exact same setup i personally run on my honda dio, "budget build" and i Love it. TONS of torque, quiet, and extremely simple/easy to ride.  Many "kits" you see online are put together by stores that have zero hands on experience with tuning these components. We've done the legwork to get the right package for your build

82cc cylinder kit complete with everything needed for the install

Copper ring exhaust gasket

Naraku variator kit with rollers/ramp plate

NCY contra spring

NCY clutch springs

YMS exhaust

full main jet assortment


GEAR UPGRADE WILL INCLUDE A SET OF 15x42 gears, and an OEM transmission gasket. this will put you over 55mph. Gears WILL require a PRESS.


THERE WILL BE A $25 shipping fee to hawaii as its heavy, and the expense to hawaii is more. if you place an order, and your in hawaii we will send you a second invoice for the extra shipping 

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