Malossi AFR gauge

For all 4T vehicles

The compact design and the presence of inner batteries allow to use these tools to measure engine parameters on different vehicles. Anyway, if preferred, connecting the charger supplied in the kit directly to a vehicle, it is possible to use the meter only on it.

In Inner Combustion Engines (ICE) the correct air-fuel ratio is most important in order that all fuel is used efficiently. The quantity of oxygen into the cylinder determinates how much fuel will be burnt, while the un-burned fuel will be pushed out through the exhaust valve. With the supplied oxygen sensor (Lambda sensor) fitted in the exhaust path, this meter will immediately displays the air-fuel ratio (ideally 14.7 for gasoline) and displays if the fuel mixture is too rich (R) or too lean (L).

Lambda sensor:    Ø 12

Display range:    12.2 ~ 17.2

Backlight:    blue color

Display unit:    0.1

Effective voltage:    dc 12v

Battery type:    cr 2032

Battery life time:    450 hours

Effective temperature range:    -10 ° c ~ +60 ° c

Meter size:    69 x 32 x 16

Meter weight:    48 g

The device is resistant to a few drops of water, but it is not waterproof (therefore it is not recommended to place it under direct jets of water).