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MVT Internal Rotor Ignition Digital Direct with lighting coil

This MVT Internal Rotor Ignition "Digital Direct" with lighting coil Zuma after 2002 has an orange stator and a black rotor.

The MVT Digital Direct ignitions have internal rotors and variable ignition timing, meaning that ignition advance is rev-dependent in order to max out performance (with the help of the CDI). In addition to supplying the engine, they feature a 12 V supply for lighting which is not common for most ignitions. This way you can keep your lighting AND improve performance, especially in terms of rpm range (which is wider) and responsiveness.

Note: you really have to make sure what kind of vehicle you have (year, model) before ordering this ignition as it comes in several versions.

You'll have to keep your battery as it is necessary for lighting. We recommend disconnecting the lighting system at daytime in order to improve recharging of battery.

For Yamaha engines after 2002.