89-01 Prebug Zuma Polini Corsa Bundle

Here is the one you've been waiting for, the ultimate prebug speed/wheelie package! 

Everything you need to get your prebug on the road. This includes all the tuning parts needed to get you dialed in at 60+ mph with Crazy torque! 

Includes the following : 

  • Polini Corsa Big Bore Kit For Yamaha Zuma '89-'01
  • Polini 4 Race Crank Minarelli / Vertical Prebug
  • Polini 21mm Carb Kit '89-'01 Prebug Zuma
  • Polini 4 race exhaust prebug zuma
  • Malossi "Multivar" Variator Minarelli
  • Malossi Delta Clutch / Yamaha
  • Malossi MHR wing bell / minarelli/zuma/jog
  • Polini Crankshaft Bearings + Oil Seals ZUMA
  • Polini ZUMA belt minarelli
  • Hondabond HT (High-Temp) Gasket Maker / Default hondabondHT
  • Malossi Delta/Fly spring/weight kit
  • Polini Pilot Jets / Slow Jets for CP Carb 17-24mm Evo / 32-40
  • Polini Main Jet Kit for OKO, PWK, Keihin / 100-118
  • Prima Roller Tuning Kit / 16x13
  • Yamaha Minarelli Center Contra Springs / yellow
  • NGK Spark Plugs / BR9HS



Dont forget to grab your sealant HERE