Polini Intake & Carburetor Kit For Honda Elite / Dio

The days are gone, of crappy ebay "CT" manifolds, and OKO carbs. I ran those for awhile, and had nothing but issues, and the quality was non existent. The CT manifolds all leak, and need to be modified to seal. Add a crummy reed cage, pair that with a low quality oko carb, and you have a recipe for issues, and poor performance. The polini uses less fuel, and is a far better design. I went from a 140 main jet, to a 106, from CT to polini. Makes more power, runs smoother, and uses less fuel. You'd have to be a big dummy to choose that stuff to save a few bucks. I have put together a tried and true kit, that includes everything to bolt on and tune your 50-125CC dio motor. Available in 24, 26, 28, 30mm.

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