Ruckus pulley upgrade kit

One of the weakest components in the Ruckus or Metro CVT is the clutch setup Honda decided to use. We have developed a simple and cost effective swap for the GET engine to allow use of a normal style clutch, bell, and pulley assembly. This allows better control of the rear pulley for better acceleration and top speed. This pulley kit is FULLY adjustable, and comes with a polini belt, the necessary spacers, and an italian malossi clutch and bell combination.  Our kit is made up of NCY, POLINI, MALOSSI, only the best quality for your honda!

Includes the following

  • NCY 3 way adjustable pulley
  • Polini Kevlar reinforced belt
  • Thick shim to go on the primary gear shaft before the pulley
  • Narrow shim to go between pulley and clutch bell
  • Malossi clutch and bell combo

If you want to top this off, grab a polini variator HERE, and you'll have a dialed in transmission, tried and true