Ruckus Clutch Pulley Conversion

One of the weakest components in the Ruckus or Metro CVT is the clutch setup Honda decided to use. We have developed a simple and cost effective swap for the GET engine to allow use of a normal style clutch, bell, and pulley assembly. This allows better control of the rear pulley for better acceleration and top speed. This pulley will also allow you to run any Honda Elite / Dio style clutch and bell! 

Included in this kit:

Rear pulley w/ OEM style clutch

Polini Kevlar Drive Belt (Ruckus only) 

1x thick spacer 1x thin shim. Spacer goes behind pulley, shim goes before bell


choose the basic kit, which is LEAPS and BOUNDS better than stock or grab the race kit which comes with the upgraded stage6 adjustable race clutch, stage6 bell, and red race springs. This package also comes with the allens to adjust, and brass weights to dial in the engagement to a T. This is the same clutch I use on all my high hp 30+ bikes with zero issues.