Stage6 "Big Valve" Intake Zuma Vertical

Stage6 Intake System MK II "Big Valve" Minarelli vertical.

This "one-fits-all" intake kit for vertical Minarelli engines is based on the Sport Pro reed valve for horizontal Minarelli engines. This allows for upgrading your intake with different reed valves such as the V-Force by Stage6.

The kit includes 2 intake manifolds: one rubber mount manifold for 19mm / 21mm Dell'Orto carburetors, and one solid mount aluminium manifold for larger diameter carbs (such as Stage6 PWK, Koso, Mikuni, MRD, etc.). The aluminium one has a vacuum / oil injection port.

2 Venturi inserts are included, as well as all necessary materials for mounting.

fits 12mm-28mm carbs.