Stage6 Cylinder Kit "Racing MK 2" 70cc 12mm

Stage6 70cc Racing Cylinder Kit MKII, 12mm, Yamaha Zuma

Stage6 engineers completely revised the design of the Stage6 70cc Racing MK cylinder and managed to get impressive performance out of a 70cc racing kit. The latest version of the Stage6 70cc Racing MK 2 cylinders will now reach 17 to 19hp; this is, of course, in combination with the appropriate components (internal rotor ignition, 28mm carburetor, oversize variator, R1400 exhaust etc.). The outstanding performance of this 70cc cylinder definitely positions it among the top racing cylinders on the market!

Technically speaking, port timings are 190°-130°. The cylinder has 6 transfer ports and a divided, bridged exhaust port.

The kit includes cylinder, cylinder head, 12mm piston with ring and pin and all the gaskets needed for mounting.

Stage6 70cc Racing Cylinder Kit MKII , 12mm,  Minarelli horizontal AC engines.