Stage6 R/T Exhaust for Sherco, Minarelli AM6

Exhaust Stage6 R/T 90 - 100cc CNC Red / Black Minarelli AM6, high-end exhaust from 2-stroke tuning expert Stage6 R/T, developed and built for tuned Minarelli AM6 models, with a displacement of 90cc - 100cc.

It is a classic racing exhaust made of carefully hand-welded sheet steel cones with a high-quality silencer; this is the black / red version, there are other colours available. As is usual with high-end systems, the exhaust has a so-called racing finish, which means the body is unpainted and untreated.

Stage6 subjected the Stage6 R/T 90 - 100cc to many tests on our test bench and they are more than happy with the results. The exhaust assures maximum power throughout the entire rpm range and is specially designed for powerful cylinders with 90cc to 100cc displacement. This is basically as far as you can go when it comes to 2-stroke tuning, so if you want to crank up the power output of your scooter to 11 - this is the exhaust that will make it possible.

Attention: the exhaust doesn't go with the Stage6 R/T 95cc cylinders!

Please allow 1-2 weeks extra for this item, as it is a special order item.