Stage6 Sport 70cc MK2 Kit Zuma Vertical

As specialist of Minarelli Vertical engine, Stage6 has given the realization of the 70cc cylinder MKII to MXS Racing Department. It's with great pleasure that we offer this kit and of course available at a special price! Stage6 Sport 70cc cylinder is made of aluminum and treated nikasil with 5 transfers port and oval exhaust port. The 70cc Stage6 cylinder sport MKII is located in the Sport range and is perfect for everyday use. Thanks to its dual-piston segment that is not diminished performance but increases the durability. With the engine configuration for you can reach up to 12 horsepower with a torque of 9Nm which is extremely high for a 70cc sport cylinder. For optimal performance we recommend to use it in conjuction with a Racing exhaust such as "Yasuni R/C16r or Voca Sabotage", Sport variator and 19-21mm carburretor.

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