Stage6 Sport Pro MK2 Cylinder Kit For Yamaha Zuma '02-'11

By famous brand Stage6, for a very good price: the Stage6 70cc Cylinder Kit Sport Pro MKII, 12mm or 10mm, for the yamaha zuma 02-11.

This latest version of the Stage6 70cc Pro Sport MK cylinder can reach between 14 and 17hp, that means 2 - 3 hp more than the older MK 1 version.

This increase in hp has been made possible, among other things, by a new transfer port design emphasizing torque and also ensuring maximum reliability. The oval exhaust port was picked up again and optimized, instead of 5 there are 6 transfer ports to allow for optimal refilling of the cylinder.

We recommend running this cylinder with a reinforced crankshaft to increase reliability, and a 17.5mm carburetor (minimum) and a sports or racing exhaust.

Stage6 70cc Sport Pro Cylinder Kit MKII , 12mm/10mm Yamaha  for Minarelli horizontal AC engines.
NOT street-legal!

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