Stage6 Streetrace 70cc Prebug

Finally the Vertical Minarelli Stage6 Streetrace back in production!!! 

Stage6 70cc Cast Iron Cylinder Kit "StreetRace" for Minarelli vertical. For this particular version, Stage6 got together with the MXS Racing specialists to benefit from their vast experience with vertical Minarelli engines. 

The cylinder is made of cast iron and has 5 transfer ports and a simple oval exhaust port. Cast iron cylinders are reliable and powerful and an affordable alternative to pricier aluminium cylinders. It comes with a 2-ring piston with a 10mm piston pin, the cylinder head is made of aluminium. Also includied is a gasket kit with all the gaskets you need for mounting this cylinder.

Powerful and durable at the same time, this top quality cylinder will boost performance and last you a long time. To exploit the full potential of this kit, we recommend combining it with a 17.5mm / 19mm carburetor and a sports / mid-race exhaust.

Details : 

  • displacement: 70cc
  • bore: 47mm
  • piston: 2 rings - 46.95mm
  • pin: 10mm
  • material: cast iron
  • cylinder head: aluminium
  • homologation: no