WPS "Fire Power" Batteries

Old battery getting a bit weak in cold weather? Just plain time to replace that 3+ year old battery? Look no further!!! SSS stocks all the common size batteries for most models of scooters. The WPS "Fire Power" wet cell batteries are an OEM equivalent battery at a much better price than the factory battery, AND they come with a 1 year factory warranty! Please check the part number on your battery before ordering, the first letter of the battery code stands for the brand, so if yours is a "YTX" instead of the "CTX" don't worry this is in fact the same battery! If you don't see the battery you are looking for please eMail us with the bike or part number, we can most likely order it for you!

Don't forget, you'll want to charge these for at least 6 hours on a slow charge for the first time, get your battery tender HERE

Battery size breakdown:

CTX4L-BS fits most 49cc scooters; Honda Elite, Dio, Aero 50, Zuma Bugeye and Prebug etc.

CT4B-5 fits Yamaha Vino 2t only. Good battery for custom projects where size is important.

CTX5L-BS fits some 49cc scooters, and can be used as an upgrade for the CTX4L-BS in most cases, sometimes with slight trimming of tabs etc.

CTX7A-BS fits most 125cc-150cc scooters, some 49cc scooters, and many more.

CT7B-BS Fits Yamaha Zuma 125 and some Chinese bikes.

CTX9-BS fits some 125cc-200cc scooters and can usually be used as an upgrade for CTX7A-BS.

CTZ7S fits Honda Ruckus and Honda Metro, this battery is a sealed acid battery so it can be mounted sideways, or upside-down! Can be used as an upgrade for CTX5L-BS in most cases.

CTX12-BS fits most 250cc+ size scooters, OEM battery for some Modern Vespas.

12N5.5-3B factory battery for Classic 12v Vespa P125, P200E etc.

CB9-B Factory battery for Bajaj Chetak, Vespa PX150 and PX200, good upgrade for vintage Vespa with 12v system!