Yasuni C16 Carrera for Zuma Vertical

Yasuni Exhaust "Carrera 16"  Carbon fiber for Zuma vert

You might get tired of my bragging about yasuni products, but these pipes sell out quick for a reason. Quality and performance is off the charts. I ran this on my personal zuma vert, with a polini corsa cylinder, and it was a total monster. this pipe is GREAT on high end kits, and sounds great too. Fitment is perfect as usual.

powerful racing exhaust by renowned Spanish manufacturer Yasuni.

Sheet metal expansion chamber complemented by a carbon silencer (also available in different versions).

Originally developed for Endurance racing, it has a lot of torque and power at mid rpm range. We recommend combining it with a 50cc or 70cc racing or even Hyper Racing cylinder for more torque and better acceleration.

As a racing exhaust, it is of course reserved for the race track and not street-legal.

These C16's are the GO TO for wheelies. Tons of torque and top end aswell