License Plate Brackets for Zuma, Dio

Finally, this is a product we've been slacking on for YEARS! We made an all aluminum bracket, for the honda aero/elite, 94-01 elite, dio, zuma horizontal, AND prebug zuma :). These are one size fits all, for the listed bikes above. We have the aluminum cut, and bent here, in portland, and the hardware is purchased from the local family owned hardware store, thats been here since as far back as I can recall. We do our best to support local USA businesses. This bracket comes with the allen hardware necessary for plate, and bracket install. Simply use your existing cvt cover bolts to install, and off you go!

We could have had these made for pennies on the dollar in china, but We'd rather make less margin, and support the local economy :)

The main bracket piece is now made out of super thick stainless steel for added strength!