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ZUMA engine performance package

Its about time we set up packages for the yamaha zuma. These range from mild budget, to healthy setups on stock crank. ALL these parts packages are ready to be used on an oem, original crank, and carb. These are excellent options for the guys looking for simple, reliable setups. These are for the 02-11 yamaha zuma, geniune roughouse, yamaha jog, or similar minarelli type horizontal engines.

Stage1 is great for the guys that want more power, but noise is a concern. This setup will more than double your HP, while keeping things quiet. Comes with tk exhaust, naraku 70cc complete cylinder kit, and a full range of jets for your oem carb. Nothing else needed!

Stage2 is our popular NCY kit that will provide more power than the stage1, while creating more noise aswell. This setup will have more top end, than the stage1 kit. Comes with the NCY exhaust, NCY 70cc kit, and a full range of jets for your oem carb


the stage1 is the silver/back exhaust, the stage2 is the blue exhaust system. 

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