prebug polini torsen arm

Polini offers a torsion arm for the minarelli vertical, as well as the horizontal. We're lucky enough to find that they work on our prebugs! This guy is easy to install and offers a massive amout of support/strength for the engine. The torsion arm is awesome for guys using and abusing their bikes on a daily. Great for protecting your engine, and keeping things square when on one wheel, or dragging knee. They are intended to be used with polini pipes, so if your going to use different exhausts, you will need to get creative on your exhaust bracket mounting.

NOTE : These arms were discontinued for the 89-01 prebug zuma, we had a batch modified to fit, and will continue to do so as long as they sell! 

the polini evolution 2 exhaust is BOLT ON for this mount. 

Vertical fits 89-01 Zuma